Curating Sacred Knowledge Since 2009

Vivifica’s collection and study of sacred knowledge began deep in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal. In 2009, our founder Kyle X. Mufti embarked on a solo trip through the rural regions and city centre of Kathmandu. The Gaurishankar monastery’s illuminated magickal manuscripts dating back thousands of years. Dusty scrolls illustrated a deeper insight of our ancient history and lost occult knowledge. Enamored by the discoveries, ritualistic artifacts and rare Tibetan scriptures were diligently exported to Toronto, Ontario, Canada where they remained quietly studied and archived until 2022.

Vivifica’s storefront was opened in Oshawa, Ontario with a mission to circulate “old world knowledge” through various means of research and acquisition. We have spent that last decade curating a collection that specializes in religious and occult works from around the world. Select works are available to private dealers and institutions upon completion of use. Vivifica prioritizes sales within our Member’s First list before general public or auction. Join our list today for first dibs on newly acquired books and artifacts.

Kyle has spent the last decade travelling state to state and Canada-wide meeting booksellers and private collectors along route. He has had the privilege of accessing rare archives in libraries and museums throughout North America. International research and acquisition trips are ongoing 300 days per year. His itinerary is available on The Founder’s Itinerary page for those that are interested in scheduling an appointment while on tour. Vivifica additionally maintains want lists for modern 1st editions, unique manuscripts, archives, and signed or autographed materials. Sourcing and reviving scarce copies of rare literature and artifacts is our specialty.


Kyle X. Mufti - Founder & President

Kyle X. Mufti laid the foundation of Vivifica’s library as a private collector. Kyle is a celebrated Canadian businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He established one of Canada’s largest concrete construction operations with North American Construction before retiring to the world of bookselling in 2019. Kyle holds a PhD from the University of Southampton and is preparing to publish his research on the correlation between hallucinogens and human consciousness.

Kyle has spent the last decade connecting booksellers and institutions with one another. His background as an international collector and researcher ultimately led to several trade associates recommending that he begin dealing. Kyle Mufti held a renowned name for booksellers seeking early religious and occult works. As an international book scout, more rare literature and artifacts began returning for friends than himself. Kyle found a joy in seeing others complete their own rare collections, reviving works thought to be permanently out of circulation. This resulted in Vivifica’s incorporation in 2022 with the opening of an 8,000sqft rare bookstore immediately after.

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